selfie 1

There can't be a person in the western speaking world who isn't sick of the word 'selfie'. No more pouting girls and cheesy holiday couple shots, we just can't take it!

Saying that, there are a select few selfies worth viewing. These come from the daredevils of this world who enjoy putting themselves in precarious situations for our viewing pleasure. For this, we thank you.

So, forget these shots are selfies and marvel at the extent these guys have gone to get a good photo....

selfie 2

Nine mountaineers climbed to the peak of Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps to capture one of the most extreme selfies we've seen to date. Drones are just so damn cool.

selfie 3

Lance Coury is a fully-fledged nutter. The X Games gold medallist is pulling off a no-handed superman here and papping a selfie while doing it. Casual.

selfie 4

Nothing really beats a selfie snapped literally on top of the world. Although it's gotta be said, anyone else thinks it looks a bit like a rubbish tip up there?

selfie 5

If you were Barry and Luke Madill, you'd probably love a good GoPro selfie too...

selfie 6

Anders Jacobsen shows us how it's done in this epic GoPro selfie of the Norwegian athlete taking on the ski jump. It's by far one of the freakiest sports around. Watch the full video here - it definitely blew a few minds when it first dropped.

selfie 7

Daredevil photographer Alexander Remnev snapped this one from the top of the Princess Tower in Dubai. It's the highest residential tower in the world at 1,350ft. Now that's a vertigo-inducing view if ever there was one.

selfie 8

This jaw-dropping shot from badass snowboarder Xavier de le Rue never gets old. Just look at that descent... Totally incomprehensible, right?

selfie 9

Just casually hanging out of a helicopter over Hawaii. No big deal.

selfie 10

Oh hey there big guy! Lucky this dude has a bar between him and that man-eating beast...

selfie 11

If you're in a glider, you're definitely going to want to let you Facebook friends know about it. Just don't drop the bloody camera!

selfie 12

Ten years ago, the only way you were going to see inside the barrel of wave was by actually surfing. Now you can live vicariously through the lives of pros and mindsurf these waves in HD. Isn't technology a wonderful thing?

selfie 13

here's only one caption for this epic shot: sit back and enjoy the view!

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