floating tipi

In festival season it's easy to forget that tents aren't all muddy, 20 quid pop ups from Argos. Or that they might serve a purpose other than giving you somewhere to pass out after a heavy session on the ciders.

But the truth is the primary purpose of tents is to help you get away from the kind of crowds you get at festivals, to escape to quieter climes. And summer is a perfect time to do it.

"The primary purpose of tents is to help you get away from the kind of crowds you get at festivals"

Anyway if you were lucky enough to own one of these crazy contraptions you'd never want to take it to a festival anyway, lest some moron with a head full of ketamine mistook it for a public toilet (yes, that has happened to Mpora...)

Crazy Tents Best Camping 1

A capacious hanging bedroom with a circular bed that will easily sleep two.

Crazy Tents Best camping

Shaped like a giant clove of garlic but with plenty of space inside.

Crazy Tents Best Camping

You could sleep several families in here and they'd never have to step outside

Crazy Camping Best Tents

Baffle the hell out of sheepdogs with this cool printed design from Field Candy

Best  Tents Crazy Camping

Doesn't that look like the most peaceful living set up ever?

Best Camping Crazy Tents

No-one does tents quite like the South Africans...

Crazy Camping Best Tents

Keeps you away from animals and insects

Crazy Tents Best Camping

Just cycle to where you want to camp and set 'er up!

Best Tents Crazy Camping

If you don't have a car or a bike, simply set up on your canoe.

Crazy camping best tents

Outer Mongolia - the ultimate getaway...

Crazy Tents Best Camping

This is almost not a tent at all it's so plush - it has electrically adjustable beds, heating, hot water and electric lights.

Oh and it looks like a famous antipodean landmark.

crazy camping best tents

One to take to festivals. This print will confuse the hell out of any perverts, allowing you to actually get down to business should you so wish.

Crazy camping Best Tents

Designed by a company called Kaleidoscope in collaboration with Orange phones, this tent turned a lot of heads back at Glastonbury 2010.

Imagine, you'd never need to worry about queueing to charge your phone again...

Crazy Tents Best Camping

Designed in Scandinavia, this tipi is built to keep you comfortable whatever the weather. Great for camping in Scotland in the summer then...

Best Tents Crazy Camping

Produced by a company called Tentstile, this hammock-like contraption keeps you a healthy distance away from any unwanted creepy crawlies.

best tents crazy camping

A different take on the classic version from the Mongolian steppe...

Best Tents Crazy Camping

Disguise yourself as a car and never have to pay for a campsite again. Watch out for traffic wardens though...

Best Tents Crazy Camping

A semi-permanent construction of pure beauty in the Manyeleti Game Reserve in South Africa

Best Tents Crazy Camping

An old Series 3 Land Rover with a truly epic roof top palace

Best Tents Crazy Camping

Turn your (t)-rusty shopping trolley into a proper home with this handy tent.

Best Tents Summer Crazy Camping

Refreshingly different...

trampoline tent

Yes, this is a tent on a trampoline. In case you need help bouncing out of bed in the mornings...

crazy camping best tents

These stackable honeycomb tents mean you and your family can each have your own room... which probably means you'll get on a lot better on holiday!