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If you like your outdoor adventures a little on the surviving-the-apocalypse side of things, then this luxury motorhome may be for you.

The Global XRS 7200 is a 6x6, all-wheeled luxury motorhome that designed to just about to withstand anything. Granted it may look like a filing cabinet on wheels, but this 'global expedition vehicle' shits on that two man tent from Aldi that you took to Glastonbury, doesn't it.

"inside it's like a luxury apartment"

Weighing in at a bulky 18 tonnes, it may not be the most nimble of vehicles and parallel parking will be an absolute pig, but the people that have made it have got you covered. There's a fully automated bike rack on the back, ideal for keeping a nippier vehicle on hand, should you need to nip to Sainsbury's quickly.

Inside, the XRS 7200 is fitted out like a plush apartment, albeit one from the early 1990's, but this is Mpora, not changing rooms. If the alternative to being inside is sleeping in the stomach of a dead camel, we can overlook those cushions.

Granted, a massive truck like this isn't everybody's idea of a good time. It's about as far removed from the Into The Wild kind of adventure that a lot of people dream of, and at a a reported price of around £600,000, it also falls a little outside of most budgets.

However, next time we're trekking across Namibia, exploring the Arctic, or having a pint in Southampton, we wouldn't mind having one of these to head back to every night.

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