Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Why-are-you-still-up-at-3am, class [delete as appropriate]. In today’s instalment of ‘Stupid Sh*t That People Have Made’, we’ll be looking at this video of a flying gun – that’s right, an active, working drone with a semi-automatic handgun attached to it. Sigh.

Now, apparently 18-year-old student Austin Haughwout built this as part of a Manufacturing Engineering Processes course at Central Connecticut State University over in ‘Merica. Unsurprisingly, a college professor told him shortly after this that it was a “terrible idea", and we’re going to have to agree.

While the 14-second video does show some impressive engineering work, it’s effectively a flying death trap, and we’re not quite ready to live in a world yet where you could be gunned down by a flying death trap at any moment. That’s some sci-fi sh*t right there.

The FAA and police are rumoured to be investigating the incident, so here’s hoping they ban the device and make some legislation that says it's illegal. This definitely seems like the kind of thing that should be illegal.

Update: Austin Haughwout has apparently now been arrested, though for charges which do not relate to the building of the drone above.

He’s actually been charged with assault and interfering with a police officer, officials have stated, and has been released on a $20,000 bond.

Police have stated that the student refused to submit to arrest and hit out and kicked repeatedly at two officers.

He appeared in court and posted the $20,000 bond on Thursday 23 July, just less than two weeks after the video above was posted on July 10.

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