This chilling video shows what can happen when BASE jumping goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

Experienced jumper Thayer Healy was out on the Wall Street cliffs in Utah, USA  on the day when the unimaginable happened. As he leapt from the plateau at the top of the rocks, his parachute deployed, but spun him around 180 degrees.


With nowhere to go, Healy was slammed into the rock face. His canopy then collapsed, as he slid down the surface, debris falling on him from the earlier impact.

A second collision occurred a few seconds later, and the BASE jumper looks helpless as his flesh makes contact with the solid rock. Finally, he smashes to the ground, falling just short of a pick up truck parked on the road below.


Maybe the most incredible thing about this accident, is that Healy not only survived, but only spent one night in hospital after the incident.

It's clear that this day could have ended much, much worse for Thayer Healy and his loved ones. Happily, he lived to tell the tale.

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