To what lengths would you go, to get that perfect holiday picture?

People strap GoPros onto their surfboard, hold selfie sticks while riding down mountains and take their iphones with them on their coral dives to get the perfect snap,  but they've all just been outdone by 18-year-old Andrej Ciesielski.

When travelling in Egypt, he decided that he didn't want the same photo of the pyramids that everyone else has, he wanted a photo from the pyramid instead.

When the police weren't looking therefore, he scaled his way straight up the side.


'I think the police shouted in Arabic to come down but I just listened to music and enjoyed the climb," he says.

“I went to the police station for maybe one hour. They asked me many questions about why I did this, but they let me go."

While we don't endorse illegal pyramid climbing here at Mpora, we have to admit that this is pretty rad.

Check out his climb below!