A 21 year old Canadian man (and my "man" we mean "gaping chasm of sock-wank") has been arrested this week after a car was driven at speed through a skate park in Winnipeg,  Manitoba.

According to reports in the Canadian press, the driver ragged across some baseball pitches where groups of children and adults were playing, before dropping in to the skate park.

The car then headed back to the baseball diamonds where it did a bunch of doughnuts before speeding off. The driver then headed over a railroad, narrowly avoiding being hit by a speeding train. The car was eventually found abandoned in a nearby wood. During the incident, a 25 year old man was hit by the car, and suffered minor injuries.

Local skaters in the park caught the tool twatting about in their park on their camera phones. The arrested man now faces numerous criminal charges, along with a whole host of highway offences.

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