Just when you think you've seen everything the internet has to offer, up pops a video of a Ukrainian fox making himself a five-decker sandwich.

After watching this video of a Ukrainian fox, making himself a five-decker sandwich, you'll probably want to reassess some things. Like your inadequate sandwich-making skills, for one, and the idea that you will never, ever, be as good as this fox.

The fact that this fox-based episode of Masterchef happened near the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant only adds another layer to the story, although not necessarily to the sandwich (the sandwich is big enough already).

Photo: globalnews.ca.

Like the clichéd narrative for some second-rate comic book heroes, perhaps the spread of radiation particles caused by the 1986 disaster imbued local foxes with incredible super powers. And by "incredible super powers", we mean the ability to make extraordinarily large sandwiches and then fit those sandwiches inside their foxy faces.

We're not sure if Marvel are interested in turning the story of a sandwich-making Ukrainian fox into a movie franchise but if they are, they should definitely consider asking this particular fox to play itself.

With Hollywood producers incessant need to spunk out as many sequels as they can before they drop down dead, we fully expect 'Sandwich Fox 3: The Sandwich Rises' to be in cinemas by the summer of 2023. You heard it here first.

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