Someone in Miami is feeling pretty good about themselves right now.

Not only have they managed to commission the construction of the tallest building in the state of Florida, they've gone out of their way to make it BASE jumper friendly as well.

The official website describes the 'SkyRise drop' on offer in fairly epic terms.

Jeff Berkowitz, the developer sees it becoming "Miami's Eiffel Tower". It sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than the Eiffel Tower to us.

"Just like parachuting out of an airplane, riders will experience the thrill of free fall followed by the jolt of extremely rapid deceleration. SkyRise Drop is destined to become one of the most exciting rides in the world."

Indeed, on top of the BASE jumping, the 1000ft dreamland will also feature a nightclub, a ballroom, a restaurant, and a movie theatre with a motion-based simulator designs to let guests experience "the thrill of flight".

SkyRise's developer Jeff Berkowitz seems like a decent dude. He invested $30 million of his own funds into the $430 million project, and sees it becoming "Miami's Eiffel Tower" in the not so distant future.

It sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than the Eiffel Tower to us.

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