British gymnast Damien Walters is pretty crazy, and he’s made a damn fine living out of just that fact.

The Hollywood stuntman has been behind the scenes in the likes of Skyfall, Kingsman, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America and Kick-Ass, but he insists his latest stunt, the first ever hold and release bungee jump, is “one of the most scary things I’ve done."

Damien Walters Puts a Seesaw by the Edge of a Building… Then Gets His Mates to Jump on the Other End

Now, there’s no doubt that this video is cool, but be prepared for a bit – a freakin’ shitload – of overhyping in the build up and aftermath of the clip itself. There’s enough slow-mo in this feature to make even John Woo cringe, and it probably would’ve made for a better watch had he just uploaded the raw footage.

Meet Mustang Wanted – The Man Who Risks Death for a Living

Nevertheless, this is ballsy as hell from Mr. Walters. A bungee jump while not strapped in to any protective gear? We think we’ll give it a miss for now.

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