Danny MacAskill features prominently in the stunning showreel from Cut Media Photo: YouTube/Cut Media

One video that features everyone from Danny MacAskill and Steve Peat to Dougie Lampkin and Hannah Barnes? Sounds like essential viewing for anyone who loves to cruise on two wheels, and the Cut Media showreel certainly does make for a damn good watch.

You may not have heard of Cut Media before, but you’ll almost certainly have come across their projects. They’re the guys behind MacAskill’s Imaginate and The Ridge, and who filmed Lampkin’s Tundra Trials epic out in the snowdrifts of Finland.

This is the kind of video that makes you want to get outdoors immediately after watching...

Of course, it’s not all bike stuff either. A good chunk of it is, yes, but they also worked with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, and they’ve captured some truly stunning shots from their projects.

A promotional showreel this may be, but it’s the kind of showreel that’s going to make you want to get outdoors immediately after watching. Stay with it – if for no other reason than seeing some stunning aerial shots of Danny MacAskill. We guarantee it will get you inspired.

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