When you spend $2000 on pretty much anything, you’re bound to take a whole lot of care over it.

Unless it’s one of those scams on the interwebz of course, where you send your bank details, post code and date of birth and inadvertently end up paying $2k for an air guitar sent by the fifteenth descendant of a South Persian Prince. Let’s call that the exception that proves the rule though.

Ryan Chatfield spent that same tidy sum on a drone, but the Australian videographer almost saw all of his cash go the same way as that air guitar when it ran out of battery whilst flying above a rocky patch of ocean.

Thankfully for Ryan though, he’s got a good set of legs on him, and he was able to quickly nip over the rocks one by one and catch his drone just before it crashed. Good effort Ryan. Chuck it in the charger when you get home.

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