Have you ever completed a standing drag race? Nope, us neither....

Miniature badass Lila Kalis is ahead of all of us however. The four year old daughter of skateboarder Josh Kalis spends her days burning rubber in her mini race car.

The Most Hardcore Adventure Races on the Planet

Lila is not only super skilled behind the wheel, she's also been obsessed with racing since she was old enough to walk!


Driving her very own powerwheels Corvette, Lila recently broke her very first record, as she raced, drifted and dragged down the Coalinga airfield at the Shift-S3ctor half mile Airstrip Attack!

Trapping 18.3mph in her electric powered C7, she's now the youngest competitor to ever complete the standing half mile.

We can't wait to see what Lila is going to get up to as she gets older. This girl can drive!

Check out the half mile below:

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