Photo: Google.

For many of us, Google Street View represents a step on the stairway to complete, 1984-style, Orwellian dystopia. Their cars have been driving about, mapping all the roads, since 2007 (capturing some truly hilarious images along the way). But not satisfied with merely documenting all the highways of our planet, Google are branching out and taking their cameras where they've never taken them before.

In March, of this year, Google announced they'd been to Nepal and begun documenting the numerous foot trails that surround Mount Everest. Not one to rest on their laurels, however, the multi-billion dollar tech company have been donning their monster-hunting hats and taken a boat out onto Scotland's most famous Loch.

Photo: Google.

With the help of local experts, and divers, Google used its Street View camera to capture sections of Loch Ness you might not have seen before. And, wouldn't you just know it, they have photographed an unidentifable floating object on the surface of the water. Is it the Loch Ness Monster (aka Nessie), or is just a nobbly log bobbing on the lake?

We know which one is more likely (the nobbly log bobbing on the lake, before you ask), but it's always cool to speculate on things like this. If you squint your eyes and look vaguely in the direction of the photograph, the object does sort of look like the spinal column of a prehistoric monster. Look, we know, we're clutching at straws a bit. But, come on, give us a break.

The most iconic photo of Nessie was taken in 1934 (see below). Known simply as the "Surgeon's Photograph", for a longtime this blurry black and white photograph was considered by many to be proof that the monster existed. Disappointingly, multiple sources have since confirmed this image to be an elaborate hoax.


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