Photo: GoPro/Nick Woodman

So, last night GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman decided he’d take to Reddit for an ‘AMA’ (Ask Me Anything) question and answer session.

He opened with a suitably epic description of the history of his business, recalling how in 2002 he had the idea for a waterproof camera that would let him to shoot while surfing, and now, 13 years later, he’s at the helm of GoPro, the global brand, much loved by action sports fans around the world.

Of course, the internet is a strange old place filled with stranger people, and no matter how epic your backstory is, you’re undoubtedly going to get asked some bizarre questions when you sign yourself up for a Q&A.

Needless to say then, this is the very first question you’ll come across if you read the transcript of the session. We thought Nick handled it rather well...

gopro reddit 2

The rest of the general public, of course, abandoned all maturity

gopro reddit 3

Then there were suggestive puns and a disastrous lack of commas...

gopro reddit 4

And User SkorpioSound put an end to the question with this terrible, terrible comment:

gopro reddit 5

The AMA did throw up some more rather mature and interesting questions too though. There were throwbacks to the original GoPro design from way back in 2004:

gopro reddit 6
Photo: GoPro

The moment when Nick admitted that if he hadn’t started the company, he’d probably be a surf bum like the rest of us:

gopro reddit nick woodman

When he admitted it never comes easily – and seaslug1 slaughtered thesauceinator's question:

gopro reddit nick woodman

When he pretty much confirmed GoPro wouldn’t be bringing out a more traditional ‘photographer’s camera’... but perhaps hinted at changeable lenses?

gopro reddit nick woodman

When he replied ‘Quien sabe?’ meaning ‘Who knows?’ to this question, and oyamac quickly reminded him of the answer.

gopro reddit nick woodman

When we got the epic story behind that famous GoPro tagline:

gopro reddit nick woodman

When he bluntly hinted at the future of the product...

gopro reddit nick woodman

...And finally, when he was asked his favourite GoPro video and called back one of the all time greats:

gopro reddit nick woodman

Well played Nick, and thanks for the awesome product!

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