Photo: Hammocraft

Ever wanted to float around on a lake with your mates in a hammock? Course you have.... Introducing the genius Hammocraft. Yep, it's a floating hammock designed by two dudes in Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

Made from a lightweight aluminium frame, you can attach this contraption to a SUP board and float your way down a river, beer in hand.

Photo: Hammocraft

There's even an extreme version - yes, really - where you attach the Hammocraft to a raft and paddle your way down some raging rapids. Sit back and chill while your mates do all the hard work.

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The frame costs $1,000 USD and will carry up to five hammocks. It even folds up small enough to put in a ski bag, so you can cart it around the world with you.

Oh, and sadly Hammocraft just give you the frame - not the canoe or SUP boards - so you'll have to source them yourselves.

I wonder if they deliver to the UK....

Photo: Hammocraft

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