felix stratos

It's been two years since Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier and the internet with his gargantuan leap from the stratosphere.

The Austrian daredevil dubbed 'Fearless Felix' flew an estimated 24 miles back down to earth, and he holds several other world records as well as those set from space - but we've not heard an awful lot about him since that fateful day in October 2012.

We asked the internet what Felix has been up to since he returned home from Red Bull Stratos... And the results were not exactly what we were expecting:

1. He Was Convicted Of Battery And Charged €1500 For Punching A Greek Truck Driver


2. He Got A Star On The Russian Walk Of Fame

star walk of fame

3. He Hung Out With Robbie Williams

Felix & Robbie

4. He Moved To Switzerland To Avoid Taxes, And Had His House And Helicopter Seized In Salzburg


5. He Dated German Playboy 'Playmate Of The Century' Gitta Saxx


6. He Was Included In Top Gear's 'Men Of The Year' for 2012 Alongside Sir Chris Hoy And Sir Ranulph Fiennes

top gear

7. He Got Engaged To Nicole Ottl, Then They Broke Up In 2013.

Bambi Verleihung

8. He Hung Out With Morgan Freeman

Felix & Morgan

9. He Was Named The Laureus World Action Sportsperson Of The Year in 2013

10. He Competed In The 2013 Race Of Champions


11. He Rode An Electric Skateboard For A Bit

12. He Got His Face On Cans Of Red Bull

Name on a can

13. He Released A Book In German Called 'Himmelsstürmer'

Felix's book

14. He Made This On 'Microsoft Paint'

He made this on Microsoft Paint

15. He Raced Volkswagen Polos In 2013

He raced some voltzwagens

16. He Got Snappy With Arnold Schwarzenegger

He met arnny

17. He Got Made In Clay

Clay Felix

18. He Received the Mankind Award at the 2013 Spike Guys’ Choice Awards

mankind award

19. And 'Took' A Low Res Photo Of Rachel Anniston and Bradley Cooper While He Was There...

Rachel Anniston & Bradley Cooper

20. He Hugged David Coultard

He Hugged David Coultard

21. He Was In A Comic Book

comic book

22. He Got A Signed Photo From 'The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams' Star Dan Haggerty

grizzly adams

23. He Pointed At A Toy Plane

He pointed at a place

24. He Regularly Pilots Helicopters, Even Working At The World Cup Series Skydiving In July


25. He Had His Picture Taken With Eva Longoria

felix & eva

26. He Joined Audi Motorsport To Drive An Audi R8 LMS In The 24 Hour Race Of Nurburgring In 2014

audi felix

27. He Told CNN: "I always said if Red Bull Stratos is successfully completed, there is no next."

felix stratos

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