Volcanic lightning looks every single bit as epic as it sounds.... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Ever heard of volcanic lightning? No, it’s not the latest indie-rock band to blow up in Manchester, it’s a natural phenomenon which is exactly what it says on the tin – and it makes for a pretty crazy watch.

Shot by filmmaker Marc Szeglat, who has a surname which would strike fear into the hearts of anyone in a Starbucks apron, this amazing footage shows the volcano of Sakurajima on the Japanese island of Kyushu, and the rare spectacle of volcanic lightning.

Admittedly, the volcano doesn't look quite so epic when the lightning has gone... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

That’s right, volcanic lightning is a real thing, and it’s just as badass as it sounds. German filmer Szeglat spends a lot of time around volcanos, but even he’s no regular to such a sight as this, and to get it all on camera is something really quite special.

As awesome as it all looks though, it’s probably not too great for the 600,000 residents of Kagoshima, who live near enough to the volcano to use it as a radiator. Imagine living in a bungalow near Mordor and you’ll start to get a sense of what that's like.

Anyway, have a watch below to see the fiercest named natural wonder we’ve ever heard of in action. It's another fine example of how mother nature could kick our ass at any given moment...

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