Fire Slow Motion

There was, we'll admit, a period in 2015 where we went a little bit top heavy with articles featuring slow motion footage. Were we addicted to slow motion? Yes, maybe a bit. Did we get hooked on watching things happen really, really, really slowly? Undoubtedly. Are we, after battling the slow-mo addiction for so long, treading a dangerous path by writing another article about an interesting thing happening slowly? Probably. But look, none of that matters because this slow motion video features Jackass legend Steve-O.

Steve-O, you might remember, recently got into some legal troubles for staging a pretty spectacular protest against SeaWorldHeck, he even went to jail for it (which is normally a clear indicator that you're in real trouble with the law). Now though, we're happy to report he's back to doing what he does best: i.e. crazy shit, that you're nan's newspaper definitely wouldn't approve of.

In this video, Steve-O teams up with one half of The Slow Mo Guys double-act to see what a fire-breathing backflip looks like in slow motion. As well as the fiery circus-trick filmed at 1,000 frames per second, the footage also features some hyena-style cacklings from Mr O and a well-timed reference to Johnny Knoxville's scrotum. Check it out below.

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