When plantation workers in Malaysia saw this mysterious creature, they thought they'd accidentally stumbled across a bonafide alien life form.

Crawling around an Oil Palm farm towards the East of the country, the mysterious being looks like a strange mix of ET and Gollum.

Presumably when the unidentified crawling beast didn't insist "take me to your leader" the plantation workers did what everybody would in that situation: flipped out their camera phones and got some footage.

Virtually as soon as it was uploaded, the internet started melting and the speculation started as to exactly what the subject of the footage was.

The truth, it transpires, is much sadder than the fiction. The creature that the workers found wasn't from another planet at all. It's actually a Sun Bear, a native of that part of the world. When in rude health, they look like this


The video has been picked up by a number of charities and conservation groups, who are trying to raise awareness about the dangers of deforestation in areas like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Rain Forests are the natural habitat to many creatures, including Sun Bears, who are now suffering as more and more plantations are being created to meet the high global demand for Palm Oil, destroying their homes.

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