close call photograph almost hit by plane 1

Some photographers go to extreme lengths to get the perfect photograph. You’ll find mountain bike photographers going off the grid in Afghanistan to get never seen before shots, surf photographers getting crushed by barrel after barrel to get that one shot and snowboard photographers ploughing persistently through the backcountry in search of the original.

But it’s not just the professionals who get themselves into danger when they’re behind the lens. No, the everyday civilian is quite capable of finding trouble where it barely exists – just take the dude who racked a $153,000 medical bill while trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, or the Australian skier who fell off an 1000ft cliff while trying to take a selfie, or, well, you get the idea. The human race is full of idiots.

close call photograph almost hit by plane

Which brings us to our latest entrance to the “I-took-a-photograph-that-wasn’t-worth-getting-hurt-over-and-almost-killed-myself-doing so" category. It’s the man who almost got hit by a plane while trying to get the perfect photograph from the road below.

Admittedly, we’re not quite sure what the pilot of this plane is thinking. He’s flying crazy low – to the point where the video shows that not only did the photographer have to duck, but so did the guy on a moped driving casually in the middle of road.

Still, that doesn’t mean the guy with the camera shouldn’t have been a little more cautious. Given, he did get a pretty cool photograph...

almost hit by plane photograph near death

...But was the photograph good enough to warrant the front tire of the plane “skimming his head" as it passed over top? Probably not. It’s probably not a good enough photograph for that.

It is a good story though, and he’s got the video to prove how close he came to getting absolutely wrecked by a plane. Check it out below – it’s a 360 panorama so you can scoot about in-frame and see a variety of people ducking and diving away from the low-flying plane.

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