We've already seen the snake eating a crocodile whole - now this man has built his own snake-proof suit and is feeding himself to a giant anaconda.

Filmmaker and naturalist Paul Rosolie will enter the stomach of the snake, dressed in a home made snake-proof suit (which makes him look remarkably like a Power Ranger). The whole project will be aired on the Discovery Channel on Monday 7 December.

Yep, this is the snake-proof suit...

Understandably, animal rights activists are already up in arms. A Change.org petition has been launched to stop Discovery Channel broadcasting this show, stating "this is animal abuse to the highest degree".

Rosolie responded on Twitter saying...

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.00.16

Not only is the whole concept entirely ridiculous, but there are many questions that need answering. How is he going to get the snake to eat him? Can a fully-grown man even fit inside a snake?

We wait in anticipation...

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