Fancy a little bit of Friday inspiration?

Bus driver Patrick decided he wanted a change of routine, so picked up a nineties school bus in March this year and drove it to Vegas.

Parking at his parents, him and his dad converted it into a dream home on wheels.

By the end, they had one of the coolest looking adventure vans in the world...

Check this out!


Once converted, Patrick set out on a life on the road, driving the bus over 10,000 miles and across 33 states.

From Missouri, to Nebraska, to Connecticut, to Indiana.... he's getting around.

To keep track of his adventures he new keep a tally on the roof of the bus.

Pretty rad, right?


Patrick and his bus really do prove that there are many different ways to live your life and that for many adventurous souls, home is just where you park it!

We love the idea that a bus driver decided to take a bus and live his own life on the road.