No circus would be complete without a couple of jokers. The Turtles had Michelangelo. The X Factor has David Walliams. The UK cabinet has Iain Duncan Smith. And Nitro Circus is no different.

While the entire crew regularly provide the world with mind melting (and sometimes bone shattering) stunts, tricks, and general madness, it's Tommy and Crum that keep us laughing. They're the equivalent of the daft kid at school who you could talk into doing just about anything. (NB: If you didn't have one of those at school, it was you. Unlucky).

The boys headed to New Zealand with a bunch of the other NC guys, including some dude named Travis Pastrana hit a luge track. Getting some of the ballsiest people on the planet pointing downhill in tiny go-carts on a windy bit of concrete was always going to be mayhem.

And so it proved. But, shit, it's incredibly fun looking mayhem. There are crashes, smashes, and underhand tactics aplenty on display, but it looks like everybody survived to triple-backflip another day.

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