Photo: Red Bull

Aerobatics is notoriously dangerous, especially when close formation flying is involved.

And this latest set-piece stunt from Austrian energy drinks giant Red Bull involves just about the closest formation flying you could ever hope for.

One mistake and we hit a building...

Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones piloted a pair of planes through an empty hangar building at Llanbedr Airfield, in Wales, just one metre off the ground and only a few metres apart, at a speed of 160 knots, or 185mph.

One mistake, as the men say in the video "and we hit a building."

Flying through a building by yourself would be difficult enough, but flying through as a pair is something else.

Not only do you have to have absolute faith in your own piloting abilities, you also have to trust your wingman implicitly.

Thankfully Bonhomme and Jones have developed that kind of trust over 17 years of flying together. Which is just as well because however calculated this risks are, this is one hell of a stunt!

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