The Gaza Parkour team have responded to Banksy's spoof tourism video, Make this the year YOU discover a new destination: Welcome to Gaza, with a spoof clip of their own. Albeit one with really cool freerunning moves in it.


After Banksy: The Parkour guide to Gaza by Guardian Docs sees the Gaza Parkour crew showing off their homeland with flips, twists and some massive drops to the soundtrack of Palestine's biggest selling female hip-hop artist Shadia Mansour.

"Banksy says make Gaza your destination…so meet your tour guides," they say.

"Nearly 50% of us are unemployed and we are very available to show you around."


As they leap and spring amongst the shelled houses and war-ravaged streets, they tell us there are 12,000 people in Gaza needing homes, that their only electrical power station shut down last week and that most of the water there isn't drinkable.


But the Gaza Parkour team also tell us:

"In spite of all of this happening in Gaza we are here and alive and our spirit is very strong."

"We want to do a lot of things and we dream a lot."

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