When it comes to being the top of the food chain in the Florida Everglades, the American Aligator has been in a league of it's own for some time (assuming you don't count Mike "Trunk" Vanderwitz). For as long as the massive beasts have been in the area, they've been the apex predator.

They regularly make light work of many other reptiles that they share the water with, including constrictors like pythons.

However, in the past 30 years, things have changed. Since the 1980's, more and more Burmese Pythons have been spotted in the waters of the Everglades, the power balance has shifted.

Showing more bottle than The Whealdstone Raider, the Burmese Python will tackle the native alligators head on. In fact, as the above video shows, ballsy snakes can even intimidate the former top dog into beating a hasty retreat.

The Burmese Pythons, which regularly grow to 12 feet long, but who've been known to reach up to 19 feet, have no problem swallowing all but fully gown adult gators, as this startling time lapse footage shows.

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