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The rise of the 'Randy Orton, outta nowhere!' videos has got to be one of the strangest memes we've seen. But that doesn't mean that it isn't hilarious.

After spending a couple of days giggling at the WWE star's takedowns, and critiquing the ones that hadn't been done quite right, it seemed only right to put together the ultimate list of action sports RKOs - for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the list and be careful next time you think you're shredding... Because you never know who's hiding behind that next jump.

1) The Double Backflip RKO

2) The Wet Skating RKO

3) The Sensational Skiing RKO

4) The Cup of Coffee RKO

5) The Freerunning RKO

6) The Fully Pinned RKO

7) The Freerunning RKO II

8) The RKO Marathon To Longboard Escape RKO

9) The Weird Bucket RKO

10) The Extremely Painful RKO

11) Backflip To RKO

3) The Spear RKO

13) The Whipping RKO

14) The Rail RKO

15) The Longboard RKO

16) The Clotheslines To RKO

17) The Had To Include It RKO

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