samurai cuts baseball in half going 100mph

An early references to the word ‘Samurai’ can be found in the ‘Kokin Wakashu’, the first imperial anthology of poems released at the start of the tenth century. It was used to describe those who served in close attendance to the nobility in medieval and early-modern Japan.

The Samurai were legendary, noble fighters who battled against the evil trying to invade their lands with frightening speed, signature hand-crafted swords and armour like none other. Their movements and skills were unrivalled in the field of war.

Samurais followed a strict moral code of honour that laid way to a honest life, and have gone down in history as some of the most fearsome warriors in the history of the world.

Of course, nowadays, there isn’t so much of a need for noble, honour-driven warriors. Modern-day Samurais? Apparently they just cut about outdoors chopping baseballs in half at 100mph. Have a watch of the video below. This is ridiculous:

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