Flying in his helicopter one day, pilot and wildlife researcher Michael Barron looked down over his patch of the Florida Everglades to see something he wasn't quite expecting: an alligator sticking out of the side of a giant snake.

It's not the result of a mix up at the local nuclear plant but rather... rather... well, nobody actually knows. The theory is that the snake, a fourteen foot Burmese python had started trying to eat the six foot American crocodile.

The next part is where the mystery begins, however. Some believe that the alligator was alive, and clawed its way partially out of the belly of the serpent, while others have suggested that the gator died and the gasses from the rotting caracas were enough to cause a mini explosion in the snakes stomach.

Photo: Animal Wire

A third theory is that a separate animal attacked the gator-filled snake while weighed down his prey. The most plausible theory, however, is that the two came to blows after the pub quiz, arguing whether the droid from StarWars was called C3P0 or CP30.

However this monstrous union cam about, it looks like more than enough to giving the passing pilot nightmares for a good few weeks. You checked under the bed, didn't you, Mike?

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