This group of BASE jumpers from the US spent over 500 man hours constructing this giant space net high over the Moab Desert, Utah.

Despite looking like a massive Dream Catcher like the one Vyvyan from HR  has on the side of her PC, the 2000 square foot mesh took seven years of training, planning and practice to construct, and 65 people to rig.

But BASE Jumpers being slightly different to the rest of the world, they decided to leave a giant hole in the middle of it. Laughing in the face of the Health And Safety Council of Croydon, the gap was left for the guys to jump from, presumably in an attempt to recreate that scene from Game Of Thrones where that thing happened and the woman did that thing.


The Space Net was left in place for a week, where it saw 350 people visit it, 200 people successfully BASE Jump, 1 parachute jump, and 5 largely successful High Line crossings. Largely.

The entire project was dedicated to local Jumper called Daniel "Money Making" Moore, who'd died exactly 1 year prior to the rigging of this net. As memorials go, it's a pretty good one.

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