Here at Mpora, we've seen some pretty horrible stuff. Surfers getting stabbed in the throat by their own boardsdisastrous BASE jumps, and necrophiliac lizards, for example. But, in all our time of looking at horrible stuff, we don't think we've ever seen anything quite as horrible as this.

This video of a large wolf spider, in Southern Australia, releasing hundreds of baby spiders from an egg sac after being squashed by a broom has made us feel a bit sick. The up-turned spider corpse followed, immediately, by an army of eight-legged soldiers bursting forth into the world; christ almighty, it's just too much to handle.

If, after watching this, your legs feel itchy; don't worry, it's merely a physcological reaction to the video. That, or you've got a shit-load of tiny arachnids crawling up your trouser legs. Enjoy.

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