Water slides are a little bit lame, right? Like... they’re good fun and all, but surely you can’t actually make an edit on a waterslide that’s actually worth watching? Wrong.

Devin Supertramp and his crew have been at it again at an amazing ‘natural waterslide’ – aka, a nearly dried up waterfall – in the insanely sunny and envy-provoking country of New Zealand.

The addition of the ramps and kickers certainly takes this up another notch. It may not be particularly gnarly, or the most dangerous thing you’ll see this week, but it sure looks like one of the most enjoyable.

If this doesn’t get you super hyped for summer and hanging out with your friends, then you’re either a grumpy old sod, or a diehard skier or snowboarder. If you’re the latter... well, fair enough.

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