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Ever thought that travelling by train is a bit too expensive? Well, you’re almost definitely right, but unfortunately train fares are something that you can’t really argue with – you’ve just got to pay them.

Or that’s what most of the world thinks anyway. Over in New Zealand though? Not so much.

This Instagram video of a couple of train-hoppers travelling for free has gone viral in the past few days, with KiwiRail – the state owned rail company in New Zealand – saying that the footage demonstrates a major problem with railroad trespassing.

Needless to say folks, do not try at home. The train was travelling 90 km/h! Photo: Instagram/Screenshot

Of course, they probably just don’t want to many other people trying it, what with it being a potential death risk, and, y’know, taking away from their profits.

Police have said that the train was travelling at up 90 km/h at points with the brave duo on the back, and they’re still looking to question the travellers on their chosen method of transportation.

“There is no doubt in my mind that those two young men could have been killed or very seriously injured with long lasting consequences for their families, emergency services and Tranz Metro staff," said local authorities.

Best not to try at home folks. Or if you are intent on giving it a shot, maybe do it the old-fashioned way instead...

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