Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Unicycling confuses us sometimes. It seems like a pretty impractical mode of transport – why not just use a road bike – and even if you actually do something crazy on it, like taking it down some gnarly trails for example, you still neither look as cool nor as dangerous as you would on a downhill rig.

There’s no doubt that it’s harder to balance on a unicycle of course, so it does have its moments, and those moments are normally when someone does something that would be scary as hell on two feet anyway, but chooses to do so on one of these quirky one-wheelers.

For us, that’s the place of unicycling in this world. If you’re going to master it, you need to prove you can cycle your ride along some crazy rope bridge or along say, the highest dam in Romania, which is exactly the stunt ‘extreme unicyclist’ Flaviu Cernescu decided to do earlier this year.

There can be no debate that this guy is badass. The drop from the edge of the dam is 166m, and the guy both juggles and rides along it with frightening ease. The fear factor really does kick in when you see the GoPro footage as well.

On top of all of that, the video also claims Flaviu has vertigo, which seems like a slightly flawed claim. Surely if he really had vertigo, and went riding along a damn the equivalent of 45 double deckers high with no safety equipment, he probably would’ve passed out and fallen to his death as soon as he looked down?

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Scared of heights or not though, it’s safe to say that this guy has some steady nerves on him. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if he had done a James Bond from Goldeneye and bungee jumped off the dam afterwards.

That said though, we doubt this scene would've been quite as cool if our favourite secret agent had been riding a unicycle along the way...

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