1) Be Rich (Mountaineering Is Expensive)

Photo: Kate Tattersall.

2) Be British (Almost All Of Them Were)

Image: Bergbook.com

3) Be A Dude (Women Weren't Allowed)

Mountain Lads.

 4) Get Yourself A Nice Hat

Photo: Ice/Linda Hall.

5) Chastise Those Without A Hat

Photo: Ice/Linda Hall.

6) Wave Your Nice Hat Around

Image: Outlook Traveller.

7) Live In The 19th Century

Image: Wiki/Public Domain.


8) Dress Like A Champion

Image: Victorian Children.


9) Grow Facial Hair

Photo: History Today.

10) Make The Porter Sleep Outside

Image: Backpacking Light.

11) Ride Around The Mountains On A Penny Farthing

Image: Kickass Trips.

12) Do What These Guys Are Doing

Image: Chamonix.net.

13) Do It For The Queen

Photo: Royal News.

14) Make It To The Top

Image: Matterhorn Paradise.

15) Die A Horrible Death

Image: Mansell/Time & Life Pictures.


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