What happens when you drop your GoPro halfway through a skydive? Well this, apparently.

It seems the camera is spinning so fast it creates a sort of optical illusion where it appears to be turning backwards. Kind of cool. No wonder it's gone viral.

"No wonder it's gone viral..."

What's even cooler is the story behind the clip. Kristofer Orstadius from Sweden uploaded it to Youtube with the description: "My dad found an GoPro camera in Gringelstad outside Kristianstad.

"He found it on the ground in a forest. The memory card was intact - and this is the last film. Are you the right skydiver? Please let me know so we can send you the camera and the memory card.

A few days (and 1.5 million views) later he added this: "Update April 4: Camera owner is found. A parachutist in Everöd in Skåne."

The power of the internet eh?

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