The Nitro Circus team are a dangerous lot. When they’re not progressing action sports with their triple-flipping, quadruple-flipping madness, they’re risking their lives doing decisively more silly stuff – and when we say ‘silly’, we mean stuff like this; jumping a truck 160ft to set a new world record.

Okay, so ‘silly’ might have been the wrong word. Perhaps ‘preposterous’ would’ve been better, maybe ‘utterly bewildering’ or even more appropriately, we should have said that when the Nitro Circus crew aren’t out risking their lives for a living, they spend most of their times risking their lives for fun, because they’re a bunch of freakin’ lunatics and that’s just what they do.

Their latest entry into the record books is indeed the stunning truck jump below, completed by the one and only Gregg Godfrey, who originally created the Nitro Circus video series in his garage with a certain Travis Pastrana in 2003... Clearly, 12 years later, Gregg still hasn’t lost his taste for action:

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