We've seen some near-misses in our time. Gascoine's diving toe-poke in the Euro 96 semi-finals, and that time a low-flying pigeon almost flew directly into our face, springs to mind. But never, in all our days, have we witnessed a near-miss quite as near-ish as this.

Filmed at a fishing festival in Goya, Argentina, the video shows a plane narrowly avoiding a collision with a boat. It's real touch and go stuff, with the plane veering up dramatically at the last second. Much to our annoyance, the footage is captured on a selfie stick (damn you selfie sticks, damn you straight to hell).

The plane is flying at such an altitude, that the fishermen involved basically get themselves a free, and completely unexpected, haircut. We'd hazard a guess, and say this incident resulted in them filling their knickers with the Argentinan-equivalent of cottage pie.

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