book tank 1

Instead of firing munitions, the names of which only people who play Call of Duty all day know, this tank deliveries free books. The artist himself calls it a Weapon of Mass Instruction.

While somewhat eccentric (gloriously so, if you ask us), what Raul is doing is fantastic. In an age that seems to be fuelled by self-interest, and a general lack of altruism, he's spending his time getting out on the streets, spreading a little love, and a lot of education.

In recent months, we've seen more and more vans and buses being converted into #VanLife vehicles of various levels of quality and comfort. However, this is the first time we recall seeing something converted that was actually designed to directly enrich the lives of others.

We're not completely sold on the part where Raul smacks a young girl on the head with a book, we'll grant you. But outside of that, we fully approve.

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