When looking for a pet, most people play it safe and opt for a cat, dog, or the scaly serenity of a goldfish. Shit, some people like to push the boat about and get a rat, or a terrapin. However, Steve Kroschel is not most people.

When he wanted a fury companion, he looked to one of the most dangerous animals on the planet; the wolverine.

This isn't the same Wolverine that's played by Hugh Jackman and sets your moms underwear onto a spin-cycle. These ferocious little beasts are the body builders of the weasel world, and pack enough power to take down animals many times their size - including humans.

Photo: Todd Steitle Photography / kroschelfilms.com

There are even reports of wolverines taking down polar bears which, in terms of physical size, is a bit like jockey Frankie Dettori climbing in the ring with Wladimir 'Dr. Steelhammer' Klitschko.

Wolverines are native to Canada, Russia, some European Nordic countries, and Alaska, where Steve Kroschel lives and hangs out with his slightly crazy pet on his nature reserve. The stocky carnivores come armed with razor sharp teeth and claws, and a thick, heavy fur that acts as armour.

If you need any further proof of Wolverines vicious nature, there are numerous American sports teams that are called The Wolverines, in a poor attempt to make their opposition think they're, dangerous. Chilling stuff, chaps.

Photo: shutterstock.com

There are couple of things about this video that strike us as strange. Firstly, there's the little harness that Steve walks his pal around on. And, moreover, the fact he quite happily takes it off around a group of tourists. We hope the little fella had a good breakfast before meeting them.

Secondly, Steve appears to think he can talk to his wolverine. Sounding a little like a character played by Jim Carrey, Steve starts nasally shouting "dat! dar-dar dat! da dat!" in a bid to coax him into a hole in the ground.

Finally, Steve picks his fury friend up, and offers him around the gathered crowd offering "if you want to touch his arse, now's your chance". The nights must be long in Alaska. 

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