German manufacturers Edelrid have been involved in making alpine equipment for more than 150 years, leading the way in rope making with the world’s first kernmantel rope (a rope with a central core surrounded by a woven exterior sheath) back in 1953.

Shortly afterwards they laid the groundwork for the dynamic climbing ropes of today by launching a rope that could take multiple falls (which of course they all do now). Oh, they also invented the first climbing harness (a chest harness!), helping to push climbing worldwide.

Other innovations from Edelrid include a floating rope for canyoning, one specifically for indoor climbing, and in 2000, the 9.8mm Dynalon rope. At the time it was the thinnest rope available, and it’s the exact same width as the Parrot we’ve picked out as our choice.

“Needless to say, this upcycling doesn’t affect the integrity of the rope."

Today, Edelrid produce millions of metres of climbing rope every year and have placed sustainability at the forefront of their manufacturing process. Every inch of rope is BlueSign certified. They believe they are the first company in the world to achieve that status.





New for 2016, the Parrot is a 9.8mm rope made with reused sheath yarns left over from production. This upcycling process uses up to 95 per cent leftover yarns. And, as the colour of the yarns is also different, your Parrot rope is unique.

Needless to say, the use of leftover yarns doesn’t affect the integrity of the rope, with no spliced yarns used (they just can’t make one huge rope and cut it, rather smaller lengths at a time). It also makes the manufacture cheaper and that is reflected in the price. Like other ropes it has a Thermo Shield treatment and is designed for seven falls.

It’s available as 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 lengths (we’ve got the 60m one here) and weighs only 62g per metre. It’s one for sports climbing or the indoor gym while you’re preparing that Eiger route.

Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm Climbing Rope Stats:

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Shot on location in Chamonix