The USA Bouldering Nationals went off in Wisconsin last weekend, with Nathaniel Coleman and Megan Mascarenas taking home the top prizes for men and women respectively.

Even more impressive than Megan and Nathaniel’s wins though? The endless commentary from the press box, which required Brian Runnells, Chris Weider and Emily Harrington to fill a full 14 hours with words. Words that made sense.

But they did exactly that. Though admittedly, some of those words were not quite as thought through as others. The drinking game for next year? Take a swig everytime the commentators mention one of the words/phrases below:

  • Extreme sports action
  • Squeeze
  • Not enough snatch
  • Going horizontal
  • Best pants in the comp
  • Shirtless
  • Spunk
  • Heinous
  • Burly
  • The hashtag
  • Points
  • Struggling
  • Frustrated and/or flustered
  • Strong
  • Nine-time champion

Down the drink for anything as remotely as off-topic as this classics from the video below:

  • “If you had to get a tattoo of a dinosaur... what dinosaur would you pick?"

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