Credit: Recreational Equipment Inc.

Meet Frank Sanders, he's 62, yet he probably still climbs better than you…

The Devils Tower is an imposing rock monument, or "laccolith" geography fans, which rises up to 1,558m in Wyoming, in the west of the USA.

Credit: Recreational Equipment Inc.

Back in 1972 when Sanders first saw The Devils Tower he was overcome with anxiety about it. He's since climbed it over 2000 times and continues to summit it regularly today.

Credit: Recreational Equipment Inc.

Frank And The Tower is an award-winning short film, which tells Sander's story through his love of climbing. It's a film about a life well lived and includes many gem-quotes of wisdom such as:

"I find myself at a point in life where I look back at climbing and everything I've done, and what I've climbed is not so important. My mind goes back to the people I've climbed with and the patient, beyond patient, teachers that I've consistently had through my climbing time."

Credit: Recreational Equipment Inc.

It's also about having a sane, and awesomely inspiring approach to ageing. As Sanders says:

"I'm certain there will come a day when I can't get to the top of the tower anymore. What will I do then? I'll be content with climbing on the side. It won't bother me a bit."

Watch Frank And The Tower in full here:

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