Couples who just travel together are so 2015 - this year on Instagram looks to be all about the adrenaline date selfie.

Leonardo Pereira, 23, and Victoria Nader, 18, from Brazil, are inspiring all adventurous couples with their adrenaline filled photos.

The two climbers spent their first dates scaling a 3,000ft cliff, rappelling down a 230-foot building and scaling the 9,488-foot mountain Pico da Bandeira.


The couple met on an organised climbing course, before going out on their own on their first dates.

“I love living on the edge! I know people think it’s dangerous and crazy but it makes me feel alive," says Pereira.

“It is really high and I do just hang on using my arm strength. I have to trust myself not to fall."


We think this is an awesome idea for a date, as well as the best use of a selfie stick by any couple on the internet.

Anyone else inspired to trade in their movie night date for a day at the climbing wall this weekend?

Check out their adventures below!