Screen Shot: YouTube (CBC).

If you've ever sat down and listened to some liquid-nitrogen-cool californians talk about the great outdoors, and the "seriously sweet backcountry vibes", you'll probably be onboard with this genuinely hilarious piss-take.

'Face First', by This Is That Films, takes a look at the definitely made up sport of downhill climbing. It features the hat-wearing, downhill climbing, double act Ty Williams and Scott Stanyon taking on the south wall of The Admiral in British Columbia.

The film has more quotes in it than Ron Burgundy's moustache, and doesn't shy away from dramatically undramatic moments (such as when Tyson loses his grip on "The Catapult").

If you only watch one film about downhill climbing in your life, make sure it's this one. Like so many things in this world of our, it manages to be stupid and amazing in equal measure.

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