With just a few months until its release on 12th February, the excitement for the new Point Break film is really starting to build.

If you've either been living under a rock, or in Wolverhampton and somehow managed to miss the news, one of the most iconic movies to feature action sports of all time is getting a reboot.


Just like the original movie from 1991, the new Point Break will feature surfing and sky diving. However, this time around, Jonny Utah, Bodhi, and the rest of the gang get themselves involved in a hell of a lot more break-neck scrapes, including snowboarding, dirt biking, and even wing suit flying!

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Young, dumb, and full of fun... Photo: Warner Brothers

Another massive element in the film is Climbing. The cast headed to Angel Falls to create what promises to be one of the tensest climbing sequences in Hollywood history.

But, if you're going to take a bunch of actors and film crew up one of the most iconic pieces of prock on the planet, you'd better get some expert advice.

And the makers of Point Break were not messing around. An expert then needed, and an expert they got. One Chris Sharma.

The 34 year old Californian has been called by many the world's best rock climber. The X Games gold medalist dominates the sport, scaling faces that look impossible to just about any normal human being that sees them, let alone tries to scramble up them.

Here you can take a peak behind the scenes, and see what went in to capturing such a dangerous ascent for the big screen.

For more on the new Point Break movie, visit the official website.

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