Whichever way you look at it, some walls are cooler than others. Climbing walls, for example, are very cool. They're fun, they bring people together, and they're infinitely better than the American/Mexican border wall (aka the folly of that great big sentient satsuma in a suit, Donald J. Trump).

The North Face love the kind of walls you can go climbing on. In fact, The North Face love these so-called climbing walls so much they've got a saying: "Walls are Meant for Climbing." This saying of theirs is tied up very neatly with a campaign they're running again this year, one they hope will encourage people from all over the world to find a local wall and take up climbing.

By partnering with dozens of climbing gyms and facilities, here, there, and everywhere, TNF are hoping to celebrate Global Climbing Day (18th of August 2018) in style by getting 100,000 people to go climbing on the same day. 

Building on the success they had with the scheme last year, The North Face are offering free (yes, free) climbing across the USA, China, Europe, Canada and Mexico. What's more, for every person who climbs at one of the more than 150 participating gyms TNF will donate $1 to the Khumbu Climbing Centre - a charity that works towards improving the safety margins of Nepali climbers and high altitude workers. 

In Europe, the climbing gyms offering free climbing are located in London, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Stockholm, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Rome, Milan and Bolzano. The venues, and relevant details, for London and Manchester are listed below.


    • Harrow Wall – Neptune Road, Harrow (Free Entrance 2 – 6pm )
    • Stronghold Climbing - 18 Ashley Road, Tottenham Hall (Free Entry)
    • Barbers Climbing Gym - Hackney Downs Studio, Hackney (Free Entry)
    • Hackney Wick Boulder Project - 117 Wallis Road, Hackney (Free Entry)


  • Rock Over Climbing – Clarence Hatworks, Julia Street (Free Entrance 2 – 7pm)

Founded way back in 1966, it's fair to say The North Face know a thing or two about climbing and the way it can unite communities together. This scheme, as well as their sponsorship of athletes such as Alex Honnold, James Pearson, Tamara Lunger and Ashima Shiraishi, illustrates perfectly what the brand are all about. Chalk-covered thumbs up for this one. 

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