For everyone that's ever laughed at the Lambeth walk, mocked Merengue or sniggered at Salsa, here's a clip that will change the way you look at dance forever:

This Go-Pro gem uses perspective to create a performance which seems to mess with the laws of physics. As figures tumble along the front of a tower block it might look like spare footage from the Matrix, but this isn't Carey Anne Moss fighting upside down bad guys, it's a carefully choreographed battle between dance and gravity.

What starts out like an urban climbing clip, quickly turns into a surreal waltz across the walls of the City Hall in Oakland, California. Using climbing harnesses and ropes the two dancers flip, spin and throw each other across the building high up above some understandably gawking pedestrians.

The footage stars Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber who are part of Bandaloop, a group that specialises in vertical dance performance.

The thought of getting on the dance floor can be scary enough without adding a death defying drop into the mix but the Bandaloop crew make it look so easy that they'll probably be giving Spidey a few pointers real soon.

Which actually may not be a bad thing...

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