Far from going into quiet retirement after the show ended, Jackass star Steve-O has kept the internet - and the world at large - entertained with a series of outrageous stunts.

From trashing his own car to double tre-flipping on a coffee table, he's kept plenty busy. But all of those pale into comparison next to his latest stunt, which saw him scale a crane in the middle of downtown LA without ropes or a harness, attracting the attention of dozens of police cars, fire trucks and even a helicopter.

Once up the crane Steve-O set off some fireworks and inflated a toy killer whale with the words "SeaWorld Sucks" written on the side, as a protest against the treatment of orcas and dolphins by the marine theme parks (as documented in the shocking documentary Blackfish).

Of course, this being Steve-O the attentions of LA's finest was all part of the fun. He live-streamed the whole thing to his 9.2 million Facebook fans and his huge Snapchat following, and appeared to be loving it, despite the fact that he was arrested pretty much as soon as he climbed down.

The charges? Well, they could include conspiracy to commit a crime, trespassing, setting off explosives (the fireworks) within city limits without a permit, and filming for personal gain without a permit.

All-in-all a pretty solid evening's work for a professional Jackass.

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